‘Our glory is the testimony of our conscience.’

Philosophers, theologians and psychologists have pondered long and hard on what conscience really is and how it is that everyone seems to have one – at least when they set out in life. But one thing is sure; conscience is like a muscle, the less we use it the weaker it becomes. Someone, referring to a woman he knew, said: ‘She won’t listen to her conscience because she doesn’t take advice from a total stranger.’ And another writer claimed that most people he knew followed their conscience like people follow a wheelbarrow – they direct it wherever they want it to go, and then follow behind. But Abraham Lincoln got it right when he s‘our glory is the testimony of our conscience.’
aid that he wanted always to act in such a way that even if he were to lose every friend on earth, he’d still have one friend inside him.
The bible sums it up well when it says: ‘Our glory is the testimony of our conscience.’

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