‘God, who sees in secret will reward you openly.’

Emil Zatopek, the only man ever to win Olympic gold in the 5,000 metres, 10,000 metres and marathon, had enormous respect for Australia’s Ron Clark who, though he’d broken many of Zatopek’s records, had never won Olympic gold. The two of them met on one occasion, and as they said goodbye, Emil gave Ron a small parcel and told him that he was giving it to him, not because they were friends, but because Ron deserved it. Well, after the plane had taken off, Ron opened the parcel. In it was Zatopek’s 10,000 metre gold medal, but now inscribed with Ron’s name.
Many of us slog our way through life, giving of our best, but seemingly unnoticed and unrewarded. But like Emil Zatopek ‘God, who sees in secret,’ as Jesus said, ‘will reward you openly.’

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