Sometimes the cure is worse than the complaint

While living in a remote part of Australia’s Northern territory I learned that bushmen will only ever eat flying fox in the direst circumstances, because its vile smell permeates the body of the person who eats it. The one good thing, though, is that its repulsive smell keeps the mosquitos away. Someone told me about a boatload of bushmen on the Daly River who, one night, were being eaten alive by mosquitoes. They gave a ride to a boy who had been eating flying fox. The mosquitoes immediately departed and left them in peace. But as soon as they were able they put the boy ashore and thankfully took back the mosquitoes.
Sometimes the cure is worse than the complaint. It reminds me of that old Bible wisdom that says: ‘Be relaxed with what you have’ and ‘Beware, lest a worse thing come upon you.’

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