Handfuls of grace

When I was a small boy there was a shop that would sell kids a handful of lollies for a penny. The shop was owned by a married couple, and of the two the husband was by far the most generous. So we would wait until we knew he was behind the counter before we’d call in to get our pennyworth of lollies. But we’d tell him that our hands were dirty and we didn’t want to pass germs on to other customers, so we’d ask him to grab a handful for us. We thought we were pretty smart because his handful would always be bigger than ours; but I think he knew exactly what we were up to.
However, it does remind me of what the Bible says about the generosity of God, whose handfuls of grace to us are so much more than our handfuls of faith could ever hold. What we need to do is not be afraid to ask.

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