Saved by a comma

Maria Fedorovna, the Empress of Russia and wife of Czar Alexander III, was well known for her philanthropy. She once saved a political prisoner from exile in Siberia by transposing a single comma in a warrant signed by her husband Alexander. The czar had written: “Pardon impossible [comma] to be sent to Siberia.” But Maria quietly got hold of it and crossed out the comma, moving it forward so that it read: “Pardon [comma] impossible to be sent to Siberia.” The prisoner was released – judgment was averted by substituting one punctuation mark for another. It reminds me that in the spiritual realm judgement for us is averted, not by any change in God’s moral law, but by the substitution of Christ’s righteousness for our unrighteousness. He became what we are so that we might become what He is.

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