What tides of grace flowed from that attic bedroom.

William Barclay tells the story of a servant-girl whose personal search for meaning in life resulted in a profound experience of the presence of God. But the demands of serving in a large house gave little freedom to do much more than attend Sunday worship. Yet she always seemed so positive about her relationship with God, even though she had so little time to serve Him. She explained it this way: ‘When I go to bed I take the newspaper to my bed with me; and I read the notices of the births and I pray for all the little babies; and I read the notices of marriage and I pray that those couples will be happy; and I read the announcements of death and I pray that the sorrowing may be comforted. That’s how I play my part in the work of God’s kingdom.’
Only eternity will reveal what tides of grace flowed from that attic bedroom.

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