A lamp to my feet

Back in the dark days of the Cold War, Anatoli Shcharansky said goodbye to his wife as she left Russia for Israel. His parting words were: ‘I’ll see you soon in Jerusalem.’ But soon after he was detained and sent to the terrible labour camps of the Gulag. Stripped of his possessions, he managed to hide a copy of the Psalms, and when he refused to give it up, he spent one hundred and thirty days in solitary confinement. Eventually he was set free and allowed to leave the country. But as he was about to depart, the authorities tried again to confiscate his book of Psalms. As the world’s press watched, Anatoli threw himself down in the snow and refused to walk on to freedom without it. Those words had kept him going during his captivity and for him there was no freedom without them.
Like so many before him he could say: ‘Thy Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.’

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