‘Welcome back, stupid!’

I heard about an over-confident off-road driving enthusiast, who came across a sign that read: ‘Road Closed. Do Not Enter.’ But he simply drove round it, thinking it would save time. However, after a few miles of successfully negotiating the rough surface he lost his grin when he had to hit the brakes because, right in front of him, was a washed-out bridge. So he turned the car around and went back. When he arrived at the original warning sign he was greeted by large letters on the back of the sign that said: ‘Welcome back, stupid!’
Many of us place undue confidence in our ability to negotiate life’s byways, even when the warning signs are clear to see. But confidence is only as good as what it’s placed in. That’s why the Bible says: ‘Thy word is the lamp to my feet and the light for my way.’ We should use it.

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