Who are you talking to?

When Lyndon Baines Johnson was inaugurated as President of the United States he invited several guests for a meal at the family room of the White House. He asked journalist Bill Moyers, who had previously been a Baptist minister, to say grace. So, Moyers, quietly and reverentially, began to pray. But the new President, who couldn’t understand what was being said, interrupted him and said: ‘Speak up man.’ Without looking up and barely stopping in mid-sentence, Bill Moyers replied: ‘I wasn’t talking to you.’ And that’s something Jesus went to great pains to teach us. When we pray, we are in the presence of God, and there is no place there for showiness or self-advertising. The important thing in prayer, Jesus said, is sincerity, not hypocrisy. And it’s prayers like that that actually get heard.

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