The music within us

The famous composer Mendelssohn once visited the cathedral at Fribourg, and having heard the great organ, went into the organ loft and asked to be allowed to play it. The old organist, afraid to let strangers loose on this marvelous instrument, refused. But after a bit of coaxing he agreed. Moments later, amazed and in an ecstasy of delight, he laid his hands on the shoulders of the musician and exclaimed: ‘Who are you? What is your name?’ ‘Mendelssohn,’ replied the player. The old man hung his head in shame and said: ‘Can it be that I nearly refused to let the great Mendelssohn touch this organ!’
And can it be that we, through ignorance or fear of what might happen, might likewise be refusing to let the great God bring out the music that lies dormant in us?

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