God has given His word

There’s an old Bedouin story of a young man who accidently killed another young man. Fearing retribution, he sought sanctuary in the tent of the tribal chief, who told him he’d be safe until the matter could be settled legally. Then the young man’s pursuers arrived, demanding he be turned over to them. However, the chief refused. ‘But you don’t know who he killed!’ they said. ‘I have given my word,’ the chief replied. Then they told him: ‘He killed your son!’ The chief was visibly shaken and stood speechless for some time. Finally, he said; ‘Then he shall become my son, and everything I have will one day be his.’
That ancient story illustrates what the gospel says about the love of God for us; undeserved yet freely given. God has given His word, and by faith we are now assured that we are His children.

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