The promise and power of faith

Charles de Gaulle, the famous French leader during World War Two, had a child who was severely mentally handicapped. But he loved her dearly and, no matter how bad things were in France, he would always make time to be with his wife and their daughter. Every night, after they’d put her to bed, his wife would say: ‘Why couldn’t she have been like the others?’ Well, as predicted, the little girl died in her youth. They had a private graveside service, and, after the priest had pronounced the benediction, everyone departed except his wife. De Gaulle went back to her and said: ‘Come, Evonne. Did you not hear the blessing of the priest? Now she is like all the others.”
The Bible says that Jesus will one day transform our mortal bodies so that they will be like his glorious body. That is the promise and power of faith!

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