Peace through restitution

The US Government has a fund that it calls “the Conscience Fund,” made up of anonymous contributions sent in by people whose consciences are troubled by things they should have paid for but didn’t. They also keep the letters, like the one that said “I am sending ten dollars for blankets I stole while in World War II. My mind could not rest. Sorry I’m late.” It was signed: an ex-GI. And there was this postscript: “I want to be ready to meet with God.” A similar thing happened in Australia following the Billy Graham Crusades. Government departments received a flood of anonymous payments for everything from undeclared income tax to unpaid train fares.
It reminds us that Jesus said if you want to be at peace with God, put things right with your fellow human beings first. Repentance and restitution are the only things that bring peace to a troubled conscience.

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