Judged for failing to enjoy

There’s an old Jewish saying that we’ll be judged for all the good things God has given that we failed to appreciate. It reminds me of the traveller who met an old priest high in the mountains, who told him he was finally seeing the beauty of the world. The man said, ‘Haven’t you left it a bit late?’ So the old priest told him how he had been lying on his death bed when an angel came to him and told him he’d come to take him home. He’d asked if it was a beautiful place he was to go to, and the angel said, ‘It’s a beautiful world from which you come.’ But the priest had to confess he knew nothing of it because his life had been so busy. The angel then said, ‘Then I fear you will see little beauty in the world to which you are going.’ So he gave him one more year to learn to appreciate what God had given.

Hopefully, we already know.

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