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Helping People Cry

I read a wonderful account of a little boy who went into his neighbour’s backyard and sat on the old man’s lap because he was sitting there crying, having just lost his wife. Later, when the child returned home, his … Continue reading

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Miracle Fruit

I read somewhere that miraculin – sometimes known as miracle fruit – is a small berry with a citrus taste. But the miracle is not what it tastes like, but what it makes everything else taste like. So, for example, … Continue reading

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Spiritual Furniture

The eminent psychologist Martin Seligman said that we need to ask ourselves why our grandparents, when they were thwarted, when the people they loved rejected them, when they didn’t get the job they wanted, and when their children died, didn’t … Continue reading

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When More Feels Like less

Someone has said that the paradox of our age is that we spend more, but seem to have less; we buy more, but enjoy it less. We have bigger houses, but smaller families; more conveniences, but less time. We have … Continue reading

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What I don’t know is where I am going!

Albert Einstein was well known for being absent minded. On one occasion he was travelling on a train and the conductor came to check his ticket. Einstein, however, had become so engrossed in his work that he couldn’t remember where … Continue reading

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