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‘What about us?’

An Army chaplain I know took part in a battle simulation exercise prior to his unit deploying overseas. He entered a tent where four supposed bodies were lying, and checked their identification discs. Two indicated the wearers had religious affiliations … Continue reading

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The essence of prayer

The most universal expression of spirituality is prayer. Even in the secular western world most people say they pray – but probably for things to change for their benefit. However, real prayer is about getting our lives and actions in … Continue reading

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Don’t people say grace in this place?

Celeste Sibley got an insight into the effect of childlike faith when she took her children to a diner for breakfast. It was crowded and her eight-year-old daughter Mary had to sit alone at the far end of the counter. … Continue reading

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Thank God for professional car thieves

A woman whose baby urgently needed medicine drove to a pharmacy to get the medication. Unfortunately, she then locked her keys in the car. She searched around and eventually found a wire coat hanger, but then realised she had no … Continue reading

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Photographing the presence of God

The famous neurologist Professor Andrew Newberg actually takes photographs of what believers call ‘the presence of God’. He invites people to meditate and pray in a secluded room. Then, when they are most deeply absorbed in their devotions, he injects … Continue reading

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Prayers that become a curse

The ancient Greeks had a story about Aurora the goddess of the dawn, who fell in love with Tithonus, a mortal youth. So Zeus the king of the gods, offered her any gift she might choose for her lover; and … Continue reading

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Hold the line

A woman once phoned a theatre to say she’d lost a valuable diamond brooch and thought it might have happened there the night before. The manager told her to hold the line while he went to look. He searched thoroughly … Continue reading

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You can talk to God anytime – for free

Loneliness is a growing problem in our society, especially for divorced people, single mothers, and the elderly. One example of this human tragedy is an advertisement in an American newspaper that read: ‘I will listen to you talk for thirty … Continue reading

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Access to the very top

An Icelandic teenager, some years ago, created quite a stir when he phoned the White House in Washington to speak to President George Bush. To get through security, Vifill Atlason pretended to be the President of Iceland. But before they’d … Continue reading

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The Becalmed Oasis

John Hopkins University in Baltimore, in a study of the effects of prayer sessions among black women with breast cancer, concluded that there is evidence that the meditative states produced by group prayer sessions are a natural part of the … Continue reading

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