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Creating things that devour us

There’s an ancient legend from India about four princes who went off to develop special powers and then met to reveal what they had learned. The first said, “I have learned how to take a creature’s bone and create flesh … Continue reading

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The weakness of God

Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Propagandist, used to refer to Mahatma Gandhi as a fool and a fanatic, because he didn’t have the sense to build a military organization. Goebbels was certain that Gandhi, who was deeply influenced by Christ’s Sermon … Continue reading

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‘You’re on your own now, buddy!’

I heard about an auto accessory store in America that sold a St Christopher statue that could be wired up to a car’s odometer. St Christopher, of course, is the patron saint of travellers, and this one promised to look … Continue reading

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Turning the light on

Science tells us that light is the ultimate constant in the universe. It travels at one hundred and eighty six thousand miles per second, and it transmits energy, radiation, and information. Physics can tell us a great deal about light … Continue reading

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Let the Bees In

Legend has it that when the Queen of Sheba visited King Solomon to see if his fabled wisdom was really true, she took artificial flowers with her so perfectly formed that no human eye could tell them from real flowers. … Continue reading

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I believe in the Sun even when it’s not shining

It seems hard to believe that someone like Mother Teresa in later life should have written to her spiritual confidants revealing that inwardly her sense of the presence of God, that she had previously found quite overwhelming, seemed absent. However, … Continue reading

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