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Helping us laugh again

Researchers say that children laugh around four hundred times a day, whereas adults, on average, only laugh fifteen times a day. Why is this? Do we stop laughing because we are old, or do we get old because we stop … Continue reading

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Which way did he go?

There’s an epitaph on a headstone outside an English parish church that says: ‘Behold all you who pass by, for as you are so once was I; and as I am so you will be; prepare yourself to follow me.’ … Continue reading

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Purification by proxy

Every twelve years, millions of Hindus flock to Allahabad to bathe in the River Ganges, believing that they will be cleansed from sin. Sadly, scores of pilgrims regularly get injured in the crush as the crowds rush to the water. … Continue reading

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Better than any spa

According to The International Spa Association the number of hotels or resorts offering spas has multiplied over the past few years. Spas are offering exotic treatments indigenous to their location, including “lava rock massages in Hawaii, papaya scrubs in the … Continue reading

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‘Man sees the deed, but God sees the intention.’

I remember my little daughter once deciding to buy me an ice-cream with her own money. But on the way back from the Mr Whippy van the ice cream started to melt. So she began to lick the sides of … Continue reading

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Touching the untouchable

One of the greatest men of the Twentieth Century was Mahatma Gandhi. Most people know him for having led India in its struggle for independence and for his advocacy of non violent protest. But Gandhi did other great things too. … Continue reading

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An unknown region with a well-know inhabitant

We know very little about the after-life but someone once described it as “an unknown region with a well-know inhabitant.” I remember an old man I once ministered to just before his death, who told me how, in London, at … Continue reading

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What’s beyond the door

A.M. Hunter used to tell the story of a man suffering from a terminal illness, who asked his doctor to tell him about what lay ahead for him after he died. As the doctor fumbled for a reply, he heard … Continue reading

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The benefit of being two-faced

Research in cognitive science – how the brain works – has found that the mechanisms we use to remember the past are the same as the ones we use to envisage the future. To walk down memory lane is, at … Continue reading

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The Becalmed Oasis

John Hopkins University in Baltimore, in a study of the effects of prayer sessions among black women with breast cancer, concluded that there is evidence that the meditative states produced by group prayer sessions are a natural part of the … Continue reading

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