The One Journey That Ultimately Matters

The wisest man I ever met taught me that the one journey that ultimately matters is the journey to that place of central silence deep within us. “To find it,” he said, “is to be home. To fail to find it is to be forever restless.” Being a restless type of person this advice spoke to me. Like you, I want to be at peace within myself and to escape the trap of ever looking for something that is always over the next horizon. What we need most is an outward focus for our lives that is sustained by an inner serenity. It’s what the Bible talks about when it says; “In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.” For our own sake, and the sake of those who have to live with us, our active outer lives need to be nourished by a rich inner life. We need to give ourselves time and permission to find that quiet centre, – our true home.

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