Inexpressible Longings

Some of the most poignant words in the Bible come from the Book of Ecclesiastes which says, ‘God has set eternity in our hearts.’ CS Lewis reflected that we often wonder why it is that we have such deep, inexpressible longings within us; longings which, in our youth, we suppose will be fulfilled if we go to live in some exotic place, or work in some exciting job, or fall in love with the girl or man of our dreams. Then we wonder why, if we are fortunate enough to achieve these things, the longings are still there. The answer, of course, is that no location, no occupation, no romance is sufficient to meet those dreams. A piece of music, a story, a place or a romance may awaken it more deeply within us. But, essentially, that longing is a spiritual yearning to be in a living relationship with God, who is the source of all life, and to whose presence we journey.

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