I think I once saw Jesus

I think I once saw Jesus in the face of an old Aboriginal man in Townsville. We were both waiting to cross a busy street corner. I was suffering from a bout of depression at the time and was a bit wary of him. But on impulse I turned to him and wished him a happy day. He said nothing but responded with a most beautiful smile. Then the lights changed and we both crossed the intersection in different directions. When I got to the other side I turned to give him a wave, but couldn’t see him anywhere. He just seemed to have vanished. But what I was conscious of was a surge of joy within me.
My depression lifted that day and never returned, and ever since, when thinking of that experience, I remember that Jesus said that as often we do an act of kindness to one of the least of his brothers, we do it to him. That’s why it makes me think that maybe I saw Jesus on a street corner in Townsville.

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