The Fellowship of the Ring

There’s an old eastern fable about a ring that turned those who wore it into better people. The man who had it couldn’t decide which of his three sons to give it to. So he had two identical rings made and on his deathbed gave one to each. When they realised they all had a ring they went to a wise old judge to discover which was the genuine one. He couldn’t tell the difference by examining the rings, but told them that whichever of them by wearing the ring became as good a man as their father was had the genuine one. Then he told them to go and prove to everyone by their life that theirs was the real thing. So they did, and each ring worked. It reminds me of what Jesus said about people who wonder if their faith is real. He said that just as we can identify a tree by the fruit it produces, so we’ll know we have the real thing by what it produces in our lives.

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