What’s in the bag?

There’s an old legend about three men each carrying two sacks, one on their back and one on their front.. When asked what was in the sacks, the first said, “On my back are all the good things that have happened to me, and in the front sack I keep the bad, where I can see them.” The second man said “In the front sack are the good things I’ve received, and in the back are the bad things. They slow me down, but for some reason I can’t drop them.” The third man said, “The sack in front is where I keep all my blessings. It’s weight isn’t a problem because the sack acts like sails on a ship. The one on my back is where I put the bad things. But it’s empty because I cut a hole in the bottom. I’m not going to carry weight I don’t need to.”
Contented people are those who know what to keep in their sacks and what to drop. The question is: what are you carrying in yours?

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