God wants to take my picture

Tony Campolo tells a story about a friend who has an adorable four-year-old daughter who, one night during a violent thunderstorm, was found, quite unpeturbed, standing on the windowsill, spread-eagled against the glass. As the lightning flashed and the thunder rumbled her father, thinking she ought to be terrified, tried to reassure her that everything would be all right. She however, turned away from the flashing lightning and happily reported: ‘I think that God is trying to take my picture.’
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all face the storms of life with that much confidence? Well, if we take notice of what Jesus said then we ought to. As that old children’s hymn says: ‘With Christ in my vessel I can smile at the storm and he will guide me home.’

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  1. all4my2ks says:

    Faith like a child. Great insights! http://www.mybestlaidplans.net

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