With humility comes wisdom

I heard about a newly commissioned officer in the Army who stopped to buy a soft drink from a vending machine but found he had no change. So he stopped a passing soldier and asked him if he had change for five dollars. The private said cheerfully, ‘I think so, let me take a look.’ The young officer immediately felt his dignity abused and said, ‘When you speak to me you call me Sir. Now, do you have change for five dollars?’’ The private came to attention and said, ‘No, sir!’
It reminds me that the Bible says ‘With humility comes wisdom.’ That’s not only true when you are wanting someone to do you a favour, but in the whole of life. The great mystic Thomas Merton said: ‘Pride makes us artificial, only humility makes us real.’ And G.K. Chesterton said: ‘Humility is the mother of giants.’

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