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No need of Heaven and no fear of Hell

In the very earliest days of white settlement in Arizona, so the story goes, the Archbishop of Los Angeles sent a missionary to Phoenix to establish a church. After two years the priest returned to tell the archbishop that he … Continue reading

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Faith and the miracle of compound interest

There’s a story in the Bible about Jesus watching people making their donations to the Temple in Jerusalem. But the one he drew attention to was a poor widow whose gift was two of the smallest coins then in circulation. … Continue reading

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One of life’s most troublesome lies

One of life’s most troublesome lies is that things will be better when we get to a certain point we haven’t reached yet. We tell ourselves that life will be complete when the mortgage is paid off, when the kids … Continue reading

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You can talk to God anytime – for free

Loneliness is a growing problem in our society, especially for divorced people, single mothers, and the elderly. One example of this human tragedy is an advertisement in an American newspaper that read: ‘I will listen to you talk for thirty … Continue reading

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Access to the very top

An Icelandic teenager, some years ago, created quite a stir when he phoned the White House in Washington to speak to President George Bush. To get through security, Vifill Atlason pretended to be the President of Iceland. But before they’d … Continue reading

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An advocate who asks for nothing in return

Some years ago Gladys Kidd offered her services as a cook, maid or housekeeper for ten years, free of charge, to any lawyer who could keep her husband from being executed for a murder he did not commit. Vincent Hallinan, … Continue reading

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Happiness is not the same as fun

Dr Vera Ranki, founder of the Examined Life Institute, said that the first lesson towards achieving happiness is to realize that happiness is not the same as fun. In our desperate pursuit of happiness we often forget that when we … Continue reading

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