We still have the majority

There’s an old Jewish story about a Rabbi who was having trouble with his congregation; they couldn’t agree on anything. So, he and the elders met and decided to put the issues to the vote. The votes were collected and the president said: ‘Rabbi. It is eleven to one against you. We have the majority.’ The rabbi said, ‘Well, I stand here and call upon God to give us a sign that I’m right.’ Suddenly there was a flash of lightning and the elders were hurled to the floor. The president lifted himself out of the rubble, his hair singed and his clothing in disarray. Finally, he said: ‘All right, eleven to two. But we still have the majority.’
I sometimes think our society is a bit like that. In spite of what’s happening around us we carry on because that’s how most of us want it. But right and wrong doesn’t always rest with the majority, but with the Word of God.

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