With us in our triumphs and in our despair

A friend told me about a girls’ soccer final. At full time the score was even. So, they had a penalty shoot out to. The girl who took the kick for his team was a good kid whose dream was to make her name in women’s soccer. Well, the other side went first and scored easily. Then it was her turn. But nerves got the better of her and she missed what everyone thought would to be a certain goal. Her team’s supporters rose to their feet and booed her. The poor kid just stood there. Her great chance had come, and instead of being a hero she was reviled. Then the coach walked onto the pitch, stood next to her and put his arm round her shoulders; and the crowd stopped booing.
That’s what Jesus does for us. In our triumphs and in our despair, he always stands with us and says: ‘Even when your world seems to end, I’m with you always.’

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