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A word from the wise

Some years ago, according to Tony Campolo, a survey was taken of a group of nonagenarians – people who had done a lot of living, and were probably better qualified to reflect on what life is about than most of … Continue reading

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Being smart for things that are good

Sam Levenson described how his Jewish momma would always bargain with shopkeepers – even for the smallest items. He said he remembered her asking a greengrocer how much the cucumbers were. The greengrocer said they were two for five cents. … Continue reading

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With humility comes wisdom

I heard about a newly commissioned officer in the Army who stopped to buy a soft drink from a vending machine but found he had no change. So he stopped a passing soldier and asked him if he had change … Continue reading

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Numbered Days

A few years ago an Indian holy man nearly incited a riot by failing to die as foretold. He’d predicted that his soul would leave his body sometime on the morning of November 17, and fifteen thousand people showed up … Continue reading

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‘You’ll git water if ya don’t drink it first’

A thirsty traveller trecking across the Nevada desert came across an old pump with a can wired to it containing a letter that said: “This pump is all right. But the washer dries out and the pump has got to … Continue reading

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Never argue with a warning marker

The US Naval Institute once reported an incident aboard a battleship on a foggy night. Shortly after dark, a lookout reported, “Light, bearing dead ahead.” The captain ordered a signal to be sent to the bearer of the light ordering … Continue reading

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How what’s really real really works

Cynthia Bourgeault, director of the Aspen Wisdom School in Colorado, talking about the speculation that surrounds the life of Jesus, said that whoever Jesus may have been, his teaching and existence in and of itself made such an impact on … Continue reading

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Numbering our days

Does the way you spend your life actually match your life priorities? Someone worked out that in a typical life span of seventy years we spend twenty three years sleeping, sixteen years working, eight years watching television, six years eating, … Continue reading

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Wisdom, knowledge, and joy

Daniel Gilbert of Harvard University did a survey of one hundred university lecturers both before and after they found out if they had received tenure in their positions. They all expected to be quite happy if they got tenure and … Continue reading

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A message from moths

The poet Shelly referred to the way that moths are drawn irresistably to the light of a star as a powerful symbol of our own yearning for something beyond the limitations of this life. For some reason we don’t understand, … Continue reading

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