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When you get to the top, there’s nothing there

When Boris Becker was at the top of the tennis world he actually contemplated suicide. He said, ‘I had won Wimbledon twice – once as the youngest player to do so. I was rich. I had all the material possessions … Continue reading

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Breaking with the law of the playground

British style writer Neil Boorman, a few years ago, caused a stir when he decided to burn all his brand-name possessions. “I am addicted to brands,” he confessed in a magazine article: “From an early age, I have been taught … Continue reading

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An Endless March to Nowhere

Jean Henri Fabre was a French naturalist who, fascinated by the sight of processional caterpillars marching in a long unbroken line, each one touching the one in front of it, decided to try an experiment to see if they would … Continue reading

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A little silver changes everything

There’s an old Jewish story about a rich man who went to see a rabbi because he couldn’t understand why he always felt so unhappy even though he was wealthy. The rabbi took him to a window and asked him … Continue reading

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Only God is Great

We have become used to hearing some religious fanatics shout the words ‘God is great’ as they wreak death and destruction, and our sense of disgust can easily cause us to overlook the real significance of those words. But in … Continue reading

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“I know you are here.”

A broken hearted woman once told the famous preacher F.B. Meyer that her crippled daughter, who brought her great joy, had died. For years she’d made tea for her each morning, then left for work, knowing that in the evening … Continue reading

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Winning at Any Price

There’s an old story about two Mississippi paddleboats, which left Memphis about the same time, travelling down the river to New Orleans. As they steamed along side by side, the two skippers challenged each other to a race. Eventually, one … Continue reading

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