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Helping us laugh again

Researchers say that children laugh around four hundred times a day, whereas adults, on average, only laugh fifteen times a day. Why is this? Do we stop laughing because we are old, or do we get old because we stop … Continue reading

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Nothing is as bad as it seems when you’ve known something worse.

There’s an old Jewish story about a man In Budapest who goes to the rabbi and complains, ‘Life is unbearable. There are nine of us living in one room. What can I do?’ The rabbi answers, ‘Take your goat into … Continue reading

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Wisdom, knowledge, and joy

Daniel Gilbert of Harvard University did a survey of one hundred university lecturers both before and after they found out if they had received tenure in their positions. They all expected to be quite happy if they got tenure and … Continue reading

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Live, love and laugh

When Norman Cousins was diagnosed with a rare and incurable disease, he released himself from hospital and decided to treat himself. Aware of the harmful effects that negative emotions can have on the body Cousins prescribed his own treatment, consisting … Continue reading

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Give me back my songs

The French have a story about a wealthy man who spent his days counting his gold. Next door was a poor cobbler who spent his days singing as he repaired shoes. The joyful singing irritated the rich man, so he … Continue reading

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The joy of the Lord is my strength

Dr Trisha MacNair, in her book The Long Life Equation – one hundred factors that can add or subtract years from your life, says that the choices we make now often have enormous consequences in later life. Drawing on hundreds … Continue reading

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A Virus Called Peace

I once received an email warning me of the spread of a virus called “Inner Peace.” It told me to be alert for symptoms that could pose a serious threat to my usual stable condition of conflict. These symptoms include: … Continue reading

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The Joy is in the Journey

Frank Lloyd Wright, as a small boy, went for a walk across a snow-covered field with his serious, no-nonsense uncle. When they reached the far side, his uncle pointed to his own tracks in the snow, straight and true as … Continue reading

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Where Meek Souls Will Receive Him

Of all our Christmas decorations the one I love the most is a hand carved nativity scene made out of olive wood. I bought it in December, 28 years ago, in Bethlehem. The Palestinian shopkeeper, when he discovered I was … Continue reading

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Our Expectations and Our Reality

Megan Gressor said that the happiest person she’d ever met operates a pedicab in Saigon. He’d fought on the losing side in the Vietnam War, spent ten years in a re-education camp, had married late and now had a little … Continue reading

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