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Ronald Meredith wrote about a night in early spring when he saw a flock of wild geese flying across the sky against a full moon. It was a magnificent sight. But the thing he remembered most was the sight of … Continue reading

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Back in the days when I was being dragged kicking and screaming into the computer age, computer nerds, trying to explain the wonders of it all to me, used to spout unintelligible terms that just confused me more. Most of … Continue reading

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Where’s the Baby?

A wealthy European family decided to have their baby baptized in their grand mansion. Dozens of guests arrived dressed in their finery. After depositing their elegant wraps on a bed, the guests were entertained royally until the time came for … Continue reading

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Alive in our Hearts

Anna Pavlova was probably the greatest ballerina of all time. But her most memorable performance took place after her death. She was to play the role she made famous, the Dying Swan, at the Apollo Theatre in London. Tragically, she … Continue reading

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Try Telling it to the Elephants

Lawrence Anthony is still a legend in South Africa, where he’s known as The Elephant Whisperer. He’s been responsible for rescuing wildlife from human atrocities and rehabilitated elephants all over the globe, including rescuing the animals from the Baghdad zoo … Continue reading

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Lest We Forget

Tomorrow, I will join tens of thousands of Australians, in hundreds of locations around Australia and beyond, to participate in an ANZAC Day dawn service The ANZAC Day Dawn Service evokes deep feelings that go beyond mere national pride – … Continue reading

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